Monday, 5 September 2011

Weekend of touring around the Yorkshire Dales for Ellie's Fund.

I've just had the most epic adventure of a 3 date tour with a bunch of amazing people around the Yorkshire Dales. We started in the quaint village of Grassington where we were greeted with a pub full of customers and we played the warm up open mic style event at the Foresters arms. Next up on the Saturday Evening was quite simply the most stunning location for a venue I have ever been in The Cruck Barn in Appletreewick. A medieval style thatched roofed barn with a tall roof and swinging chandeliers. The crowd were very enthusiastic and pretty much every artist shone for the occasion. The Sunday date at the priory in the ruins of Bolton Abbey was such a humble experience to be involved in, It really did feel like we had an audience much more than who was in attendance.

By the end of the weekend, we had raised £393 for Ellie's Cause which was set up by Heather Othick when her daughter Ellie was diagnosed with terminal Brain Cancer. It's a real warming experience to be involved with such a real cause. The cause has raised over £47,000 in the past couple of years, with money going towards a research lab and currently helping 8 children who have been diagnosed with the cancer which is the most deadly cancer with only 14% of victims making it past the 5 year mark. Ellie's fund has created awareness (it opened my eyes for sure) and has given real support to children with the most common form of cancer.