Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My Top 5 Gigs.

I've enjoyed every one of my 120 gigs so far but these are my top 5 in no particular order.

Ryan Spendlove Music page, Edwina Hayes Duchess, York 30/04/2011
I was planning on attending this gig so it was quite a shock when Ryan emailed me out of the blue to come and support him on his debut album launch. Played to around 200 attentive people, and Ryan put on one of the best performances I've ever seen from a solo artist.

Ben MarwoodOxygen Thief The Garratt, Manchester 01/10/2011
This one was courtesy of Moon & Back Music. I couldn't believe it at the time because a few of my friends were big fans of Ben, It was my first gig of the Northwest and so I had the chance to meet a lot of people that I have been talking to on Facebook. I got stung for £24 on parking though, but it didn't matter as I was on such a natural high.

Chris HelmeMark Morriss Stereo, York 10/11/2011
Gigs come from the most unusual sources, I got asked to play this one after a gig for Screaming Tarts at the Adelphi. It was one of those pinch myself moments as in the 90s I was a huge fan of The Seahorses and The Bluetones. This was a sellout on the night.

Joe McCorristonDylan Brierley Musician Central Station, Dewsbury 18/02/2012
I've been online friends with Joe from before I released my debut album and I've become a great admirer of his music. It only took me 115 gigs for us to play a gig together and although the crowd was small, the atmosphere was buzzing, singalongs a plenty.

Rachel Morrison, Brother's of Craig. Vale Bar, Glasgow. 15/05/2011
Quite early on in my gigging career I took a gamble to play a mini tour outside of my country, 2 of the 3 gigs got cancelled, but this remaining one paid off. I took the long journey up there to find people had bought tickets and turned up to a show so far away from my humble beginnings of Bridlington.

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